“In the field of the environment, I represent a normally unrepresented class, and that is Nature itself,
which cannot speak verbally and has no ability to hire lawyers.”

Edward C. “Ned” Fritz

The Texas Land Conservancy was founded in 1982 by an intrepid Dallas attorney deeply

committed to conservation, Edward C. “Ned” Fritz. His passion and vision were instrumental
in protecting the Big Thicket National Preserve, the first of its kind, as well as tens of
thousands of acres
with the Texas Land Conservancy.

He was truly a voice for the voiceless in the Texas conservation world.


We are honored by the legacy of Ned Fritz, which continues to guide our work today.

In his memory, we have established a giving society for the most prominent members of the Texas Land Conservancy.

This group, the Ned Fritz Society, will lead the way to a greener future for Texas. 

Ned cared deeply about Texas’ future. We hope you will join us in continuing his legacy.

Ned Fritz Society members, donors of $1,000 or more each year,
will gather annually at a memorable farm-to-plate dinner.


I want to join the Ned Fritz Society. Here is my secure donation of a $1,000 or greater.


Learn more about Ned and the history of TLC.