Landowners interested in donating a conservation easement to Texas Land Conservancy will find answers to most questions related to easements and the easement process in these documents. Please see our easement process page for a step-by-step look at how we work with landowners to conserve their land using donated conservation easements.

Individual Documents:

TLC Landowner Questionnaire  - If you are interested in an easement please complete this form

TLC Conservation Easement Timeline - An overview of a typical conservation easement process, chronologically.

TLC Sample Conservation Easement - While every easement contains provisions specific to your needs, we start with a basic template that ensures perpetual protection.

TLC Due Diligence List for Easements - These documents are required in order to complete a conservation easement with TLC.


TLC Baseline Document Report Template - The Baseline Documentation Report is a vital component of the easement process; it is a statement of 'current conditions' of the property at the time of easement donation. TLC requires that one be completed in order to pursue an easement.



IRS Form 8283 - In order to qualify for a tax deduction, this form will need to be submitted with your tax return for the year in which you donated your conservation easement.

IRS Form 8283 Instructions

Outside Resources:

Institute of Renewable Natural Resources - This Texas A&M University Institute "fosters research and extension programs focused on natural resource science and management. We support natural resource needs through interdisciplinary research, technology, policy, analysis, and engagement. Our approach promotes the safety, security and sustainability of land, water and wildlife." We particularly recommend their Texas Land Trends project, which offers an incredible array of information and research regarding land fragmentation trends, property values, agricultural land loss, and land use.


Texas Land Trust Council - This service organization for the 40 land trusts in Texas provide information and learning oportunities for landowners interested in conserving their land.

Land Trust Alliance - This is the national service organization for land trusts and is an excellent resource for learning about the land trust movment on a national scale, including efforts to make tax benefits better for landowners who donate conservation easements.

Attorney General of Texas - The Attorney General has published a Texas Landowner's Bill of Rights, with information about your rights regarding condemnation and eminent domain. 

Please Note: To view (.pdf) documents below you must have Adobe Reader available at this link (free here).